Monday, November 26, 2007

Moo's Letter to the Tooth Fairy - 11/22/07

Moo's tooth came out on Thanksgiving day. I always have her jot down the date her tooth came out for the tooth fairy's records. Since she has become a first grader, she is quite the little writer. Here is her Thanksgiving letter to the tooth fairy. I will use her spelling and her lack of punctuation to recreate it for you.

Dear Tooth fairy
I lost a Tooth it came Out at Uncl Es on Tanksgiveing day I love you Tooth fairy I am sorry that I Have to Bother you on Tannksgiveing and I am sorry that it is cold out Please I am sorry That I tricked you with the rock my frind M tricked you with a rock to so what I was saying I am veary veary veary sorry But then I went to Aunt S's I playd a game with my Cusins I playd a Hamberger game it is rely fun and on the wai Home my dad sawed me He's wrok But I allredy saw it.
love Moo