Thursday, April 14, 2011

BAHA Surgery

It's been about a month since my bone-anchored hearing aid surgery, so I thought I would finally post my pictures and information about the surgery.

When I was first called back in the office, they did a  hearing test.  From there, a nurse practitioner described the surgery, showed us pictures, and described the aftercare.  After that I went over to the surgery center.

At the surgery center, I got into the hospital gown and got ready for the surgery.  I had to smile, when they had to take my blood pressure manually - the machine didn't work since my blood pressure is/was so low.  The IV came next.  Ugh!  I hate IVs.

The surgery was done under local anesthetic and sedation.  I don't remember much of anything once they started the drugs.  Towards the end I remember the doctor asking if I could hear them and telling me that the the surgery was almost done.  They lifted my head to wrap the bandages around.

So, here's what happened while I was sedated.  They shaved an area of my head behind my left ear.  (The nurse practitioner marked a big black X on my ear earlier.  It's always good to operate on the body parts that need the help!)  They cut a flap of skin and then took out the fat and tissue between my skin and skull.  They drilled the titanium piece into my skull about 3-4mm.  They used a scalpel to remove hair follicles from the flap of skin.  They used a skin punch to make a hole, so the titanium piece would show through.  Next the skin flap was sewed back down.  Of course, I was sedated, so I think this is how they did it!

Now for the good part... the gross pictures.

This is how it was covered right after surgery. 
This dressing was taken off 24 hours later.

The brown piece is the healing cap.  Underneath it is gauze soaked in medication. 
This was taken off a week after surgery.

At my one week post-op visit, the nurse practitioner took off the gauze and healing cap.
It was healing well.

This picture was taken 2 weeks after surgery.
This one shows Neosporin on the wound.

Next week I go back for my 1 month post-op appointment.  I am hoping that it has healed well enough that I will be able to submerse my head under water.  Hair washing has been a chore since the surgery.  In another month or two, I will get the sound processor that attaches.  I'm quite excited for that day!