Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Moo's Favorite Part

I'm having problems keeping up with one blog, so I figured I would start another! Just rereading that sentence makes me think to myself, "Yeah, that sounds like something I would do!"

My new blog focuses on one idea - our daughter's favorite part of her daily life. Often I ask her, "What was your favorite part of today?" Sometimes she says she doesn't know, but more often she will offer up a favorite memory of the day. Usually her favorite parts are small, everyday things that we wouldn't think twice about if we didn't recap her day. But those small, everyday things are what makes life worth living!

Remember your favorite parts of being seven years old?


So Far, So Great!

January 1st, I wrote that my New Year's Resolution is to read the Bible everyday. After I finished my blog, I did some more clicking around on the Internet and I found several pages about reading the Bible in a year. One that really caught my eye was http://eword.gospelcom.net/year/. They have five Bible reading plans in over 50 different translations.

I decided that reading the Bible in a year is not completely unrealistic. Perhaps, I'm trying to make up for lost time! I am reading it in chronological order - in the order the events actually happened in history. The New International Version and The Message will be the main translations I use. I have read the Bible everyday, but I'm a few days behind on getting the whole thing read in a year. Right now, I am mostly reading it in The Message translation, but when something strikes me as interesting, I check it out in the NIV.

I pray that this year will be year of spiritual growth for me!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008!

I've been looking through some other blogs today and noticed that most of them have posted Happy New Year posts, so I guess I'll go along with that. Their blogs speak of making resolutions or not making resolutions or making anti-resolutions.

I think I'll start with a reflection of 2007. It was okay. We went through some tough times this year, but nothing ultimately terrible. I'm not sure that people around me would say that I was laid back, but that's definately how I feel I handled life this past year. Maybe a little bit too much, if you saw the condition of my house. I tried to accept the fact that I have little control over my life and trusting God will get me to where I'm supposed to be. And for this moment, I'm supposed to be here, dealing with and/or accepting things as they are.

So, I wasn't going to make any resolutions, but as I was typing this, I was thinking of years that I have made resolutions. I wrote them down and I actually did pretty good with them. Writing them down is an important aspect of making resolutions/goals. A couple months back, I made a goal to write at least four times a week on my blog. Well, that hasn't exactly happened, but I haven't given up on it either.

I am going to go back to a goal that I had for many years of my life and I've fallen away from it - I want to read the Bible everyday. I'll admit that I just squeezed it in today. A couple minutes before midnight, I read Ecclesiates 3. I think a passage that is just right for New Year's Day.

Another goal I have for the year is to get rid some of the clutter in our house. I need to make some sort of plan or I'll never get this done. One idea I have to accomplish this goal is to have a yard sale or two in the spring. Everything I don't sell, will go elsewhere. It has to be that way. I just need the strength to do it.

That's quite a bit to think of for the moment, but I do like the idea that a goal can be set at anytime. I can make changes in my life whenever I feel they're beneficial. An example of that from the past year is that we are now eating more meals at the table (even when it's cluttered!) After years of having hubby on third shift, eating at the table was never something we did. It was also never a habit I learned in my childhood. I think this is an extremely positive change.

2008 - here we go!