Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Change of Pace

Well, since I see that I do have a reader out there, I am inspired to continue. I don't feel very creative. My first blog I ever did was so good. I even impressed myself. Now I guess that if I'm going to write, I will have to settle for mediocrity at the moment.

Today was fun. Today was different. Recently as a family we have been so busy with everything... soccer, get-togethers, going different directions. Today, J, Moo, and I went out and did something as a family... just us. We went up to Dave & Busters and did some geocaching. We just went with the flow. Our travels also took us to a Halloween store, Value City furniture (checking out mattresses), and to the mall. (This mall actually has a Disney Store that didn't go out of business.)

We stayed busy today, but for once we were busy together. That felt good.