Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Way of Doing Resolutions

This year I think I am going to try something a bit different with my New Year's Resolution. I think goals are very important to accomplish things in life, but this year I'm not sure of a big resolution to make. Sure I could say, "eat better, declutter the house, and exercise" but would I do it? Probably not.

Here's how I am going to set up my New Year's Resolution this year. Each month, I will make 2 mini-resolutions or goals. That way, I will have 30 days to accomplish them. At the end of the month, I can decide if I even liked the goal. If I did, I can keep it for the next month. Maybe I've worked it into a routine and don't even need to make it a goal for the next month. Or maybe it just really didn't fit into my lifestyle and I can chuck it altogether.

That's 24 goals or accomplishments for the year of 2010! I like that idea, over having a resolution that may never be completed. (Of course, I did accomplish my 2008 resolution. That's was awesome!) But wait! I want to give myself a way to not have to be absolutely "perfect." I've decided that I want to complete this resolution with 83% accuracy. This means 2 things... 1. I only need to complete 20 out of 24 goals and 2. If I mess up, I don't have to quit the whole thing because I "messed up."

Many mini-goals have been rumbling through my head, from decluttering a specific room or area to completing a chosen devotional. Not knowing what my goals will be each month makes it even more exciting... who knows what I'll accomplish in 2010! Stay tuned for January's mini-goals. I think I know what they'll be!