Saturday, January 30, 2010

1/12 of 2010 is over

Life goes fast. A whole month of 2010 is coming to a close in less than 36 hours.

Because this is my life and my goals, I get to do this the way I want. So, I've decided to give myself full credit for the continuing contact goal and half credit for the keeping the table clear goal. After all, I did pretty well with that for about half a month.

What happened the second half of the month with the table? Remember that life going fast thing? I can boil it down to about three things - report cards, getting new hamsters, and Girl Scout stuff. I know, all excuses, but that's how clutter happens.

February mini-goals are in the works. I think I might know what they are, but I'm taking part of the next 36 hours to make sure!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

January Mini-Goal Update

Here's a brief update...

Goal #1 of keeping the table cleared off seems to be the bigger challenge of the two. Coming home from work mentally exhausted doesn't help. Of course I want to come in and just throw everything somewhere... and since the table is the first flat surface I come in contact with - there's where it goes. Having this as a goal, however, has made me more aware and the table is more clear on a daily basis than before.

Goal #2 is why I write. I'm quite excited to say that I found out what I need to do to get a continuing contract. I've met most of the qualifications already. In March, I will have to write a brief letter about my current contract and then I can wait for board approval of the continuing contract in April. As far as January is concerned, I've done everything I can do for this goal!

Now to start thinking about February's mini-goals...

Friday, January 1, 2010

January's Mini-Goals

So here goes for the first month...

Mini-goal number 1 is to keep my table cleaned off and decluttered for January. Right now it looks absolutely beautiful. There is not a single thing on it. It's been close to clear for about a week. We had a Christmas party on Sunday and I cleaned it off for that. Since then I've tried to keep it cleaned. If you've ever heard of FlyLady, my table is what she would call a "hot spot" - places that collect clutter - a dumping ground for whatever we lug into the house. (I read the FlyLady book and website a lot a few years ago, but not much anymore - I still find many of her concepts extremely helpful though.) Keeping it cleared off would be a beautiful thing!

Mini-goal number 2 is to get my paper work in to get a continuing contract for my job. This goal is about my tendency to procrastinate. This is not something I HAVE to have done in January. It could be done any time this year, the next, or even never. However doing it now will definately benefit me!

Well... there it is the first two goals!

Happy 2010 everyone!