Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I Dressed up as Super Mom!

I dressed up as Super Mom and I didn't even have to wear a cape, tights, boots, a leotard with a big letter on the front, or have to wear my underwear on the outside of my clothes.

Here's my story...

I work full-time as a teacher and stay pretty busy. I also like to be as involved as I can with Moo and what's going on in her life. That means that at times, I'm running around like a crazy woman. An example would be volunteering to work at Moo's school's fun fair this Friday, even though I really don't want to. (WHY did I do that? *banging my head on the computer desk*)

So last week, Halloween week, I was really, really busy. First I had the regular hustle and bustle of the fall season - making sure I had candy for the THREE parties Moo would attend, getting her to each of the parties, making JELL-O Jigglers for one of them, and taking her trick-or-treating on the appropriate night. I also had work responsiblilites - grading papers (and I was behind), doing report cards, and getting ready for an evaluation. I also volunteered, along with my friend M, to introduce geocaching to Moo's Brownie troop. In the middle of that, I'm sure I did a couple loads of laundry, made a couple of meals, and washed a few dishes.

It was exactly a week before the famous October date that I admitted that I put off getting Moo's Halloween costume. So enters Wal-mart. But, a week before Halloween, an angel costume - in size 7 - could not be found. So I start thinking, "Maybe I can find a white dress and we can add wings and a halo." I go to the girl's section and come back to the reality that this is FALL and white is NOT a popular color at this time of the year. Next is a visit to the sewing section. You read me right - three days before she would need the costume for the first time I went into the sewing section. I looked at the material and even found a pattern for an angel costume. Did I mention that the last sewing project I did was when I was in 4-H, almost 20 YEARS ago? Well, looking at the pattern I realized the complexity of THAT situation. Then it came to me! White shirt from the girl's section + a big piece of cheap, white fabric from the sewing section made into a skirt = angel costume! (I'll get to the wings and halo.)

That's how it went. We found the best, white shirt adorned with silver sequins around the neck. I sewed a skirt from a $3.00 piece of material. (I cut the material in circle, cut a hole in the middle, and sewed a makeshift waistband.) I bought a stretchy sequin thing to make a headband for the halo. My mom, (the actual Super Mom), made the stretchy sequin thing into an actual halo and found some angel wings she made several years earlier. Voila! Angel costume. We later added a white feather boa she had used in a dance recital when she was three.

Of course, I wanted to know if I did "good enough." Moo liked the costume, so that was the main thing. After our town trick-or-treating came the costume judging. She won! "Wow! I guess I did do okay!" I thought. Moo was happy with the $5 prize. Next was the costume judging at our church. Pictures were taken and winners would be posted the following Sunday. Sunday morning, we checked out the winners and there she was again! She and her angel costume had now won a t-shirt!

I was happy and a bit proud that "I" had made the costume. Thinking back to the crazy week I had, I knew that I had dressed up as Super Mom!


Christy said...

I love reading your blog. I'm impressed you made the angel costume...sounds creative!