Monday, November 5, 2007

Geo... what?!?!?

At the side, in my little about me thing you probably see that I have the word "geocacher." So, what is that? It's my new thing. I love it. I admit, I'm addicted.

Geocaching is the process of using a GPS unit to find containers hidden around the world, signing a log book, maybe trading an item or two, and rehiding the container for the next geocacher to find. After going home, cache finds are logged at and stats are kept to show how many the cacher has found. I started geocaching with my family about a year ago. We have now found 384 caches. My caching goals include reaching 1000 finds and finding a cache in each of Ohio's 88 counties.

Our caching experiences may be a source for some of these blogs. Here is an example of one of the logs I wrote for a find this weekend...

By the Brook
10th of 12 caches today. It was nice and dry when we found it, but as I handed our daughter the GPS and told her not to drop it in the brook, the log fell and tumbled in. I fished it out quickly and dried off the wet parts with the car heater. It looked pretty good when I replaced it. Sorry! TFTC!

By the way, TFTC means, "Thanks for the cache!" Thankfully the owner of the cache thought the situation was humorous and wasn't upset about the water damaged log!

So now, if I talk about that geo thing, you'll know what it's all about.