Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bacon and Potato Pizza

One of the things I like about going on vacation is eating out and trying new foods.  While we were in Myrtle Beach for spring break, we found a pizza restaurant named Mellow Mushroom.  I coaxed my daughter and husband into trying the "Hot Potato Pie."  Hey, how can you go wrong with crust, potatoes, bacon, and sour cream?  We loved it!

When I got home, at some point, I thought, "Hey I can do that!  Basically it's just crust, potatoes, bacon, and sour cream!"  I tried it a few weeks ago and we all loved it again.  So I made it again last night and took a picture.

It's not exactly like the one at Mellow Mushroom, but still really good!  Of course I used all the best short cuts to make it and rolling out the dough in a perfect shape makes no sense when you're hungry!

I used a package of pizza crust mix and followed the directions to make it.

On top of that I put a sour cream and cream cheese mixture - probably about a cup of sour cream and 2 ounces of cream cheese.

Next I added about 3 slices of diced, microwaved bacon and a microwaved, diced potato.

Finally, I sprinkled on shredded colby and monteray jack cheeses and baked the pizza according to the crust mix directions.

I made two of these last night.  I refrigerated 5 slices.  They were gone before I woke up this morning.  That's how it works around our house if something is really good!