Monday, April 19, 2010

Vintage Post #3 - More Power to Ya!

Current mood:  blessed
Category: Friends

Sunday we lost our electric around 6:30 pm.  It didn't come back on until sometime in the early morning on Tuesday.  Since our well is powered by electric, we also did not have water.  Even though we didn't have electric power, we still had power - the power of friendship.

Our really good friends were also without power, but they had a generator and some freezer space to spare.  They allowed us to take all our food over to their house.  (I pitched quite a bit that should have been pitched ages ago!)
While I was there, I also found out that they could use their water, since they have city water.  They allowed us to get showers there also.

Along with these friends that helped us out tremendously, my sister had offered to let us get showers at her place and a co-worker who lives close and had her power offered the same.  My cousin also checked in to see how we were doing.  I feel blessed to have so many great friends and relatives so close to me!  They give power and meaning to life!