Sunday, April 18, 2010

Insulting a Duck

Today while driving home from soccer, Mikayla and I took a detour through Smithville and visited The Barn.  We enjoy stopping off and seeing the ducks and feeding them when we are prepared.  (Today we were not prepared for feeding them.  Since it was not in our original plans for the day, we didn't have bread scraps and I was fresh out of quarters to insert in the feeders.)

We threw a few pieces of kettle corn that we had with us and then examined the area for eggs.  We saw quite a few in the water, like we did a couple weeks earlier and also found a couple under a bush.

Mikayla walked around the edge of the pond and was acting like a duck.  I asked her if she was ready to go.  Her reply was, "No!  Wait!  I'm not done insulting a duck."

I had to chuckle and ask if she meant "impersonating."  With no clear answer, I asked her if she knew what "insulting" meant.  She said that it meant being rude.

So hours later as I type this, I'm still not sure if my daughter was "insulting a duck" or "impersonating a duck" today.  Or perhaps it was a little bit of both!