Thursday, February 18, 2010

So Much Snow!

The older I get, the less I like the cold weather. I certainly see why my grandparents were snow birds, living in Ohio from April to November and on Big Pine Key in Florida during the winter months.

A couple times during the winter, I convince myself to get bundled up and play in the snow with Moo. On this particular day, we started out by having Moo take pictures for an American Girl photography contest. We ended the day by making snow sculptures. The snow wasn't packing well enough to make a snowman.

For the contest, Moo had to take pictures of five things from a list of twenty. She started out taking a picture of a pine cone. This one was a bird feeder she made and hung in a tree with Jason.

Animal tracks in the snow was another on the list. We found cat prints and rabbit tracks!

We found an "interesting icicle" on our neighbor's garage.

I love this picture Moo took of "a tree with no leaves." Check out the garage in the background compared to the tree. This tree is huge!

The final picture for the contest was something in nature that looks like a letter of the alphabet. We took the easy way out and chose the letter "V."

From there we moved on to our snow sculptures.
Moo made this heart...

We both worked on this snow dragon...

We had lots of fun in the snow! Now I'm ready for spring!