Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our Trip to the International Space Station

So that this blog doesn't become a place to just document and update goals and resolutions, it's time to post about something else. So, how about writing about our future trip to the International Space Station.

Why the International Space Station? Well, what's the reason for most of the crazy things I do these days? Like...
- hiking for three hours in freezing cold weather at night.
- walking through cement tunnels under the road.
- buying snow pants for myself at the age of 36.
- lifting light post covers.
- taking on dares and documenting them in photos.
Those who know me know that the list could go on. They also know the reason for the craziness! GEOCACHING!

Recently published on the geocaching website was the cache furthest from home. It happens to be hidden at the International Space Station.

You can check it out here...

Out of this World Cache!

Obviously, we don't really have plans to visit the space station but it did make for a fun little discussion this evening.

Me: There's a geocache in space now.
J (Hubby): How do you get it?
Me: Become an astronaut.
Moo: No way! I'm not going to get it! Do you know how many ways there are to die up there?

I agree with Moo. I'm not so sure about going into space for a cache. We'll just have to stick to the earthbound caches for the moment! They are a lot of "phoon"!

"Phoon Bucyrus" cache found over spring break 2009