Monday, March 8, 2010

Vintage Post #1 - Cachers Gone Wild

My first vintage post, if 2008 counts as vintage. (Check out this discussion about antique vs. vintage if you have any questions about the meaning - I was posting a blog on myspace, however since I am now a facebook devotee I don't visit myspace very often. I would like to transfer all my blogs over to my blogger account bit by bit, so I can eventually cancel my myspace page. So, every so often I will copy and paste one of the blogs here.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cachers Gone Wild
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Well to start off with, I think I'm going to start blogging here instead of my blogger page. I don't think anyone ever looks at my blog over there. I don't blame them of course because I don't keep up with it very well.

Yesterday Jason, Mikayla, Eric (family friend), and I attended Mardi Gras: Cachers Gone Wild. We attended the event last year and loved it! We never realized how awesome this years event would be.

When we got there, we teamed up with Mohana and MacFarlane (caching names) to make our day even more fun! This year we were given playing cards with dares and a point value on them. We had to take pictures and try to get the most points in our photos. We sat in a circle with bare feet next to a giant rooster, kissed a bald stranger's head, and ate Mentos with a store employee while pumping a man's gasoline. I have to say that my favorite photo we did was the one where we stopped by a party and asked if we could use their bathtub. The owner wasn't home because it was a surprise birthday party for her. We finished with the picture right as she got home. We reentered the bathtub as her friends escorted her to the bathroom and we all wished her a happy birthday as she asked who the heck we were! The partiers loved it and were snapping pictures with their own cameras!

Out of the 70 teams, we came in 6th place. We had such a great day laughing and having fun! We even found some caches during the event as well!

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