Monday, June 16, 2008

Rad Ramens

I tried a new recipe today. It basically spells out how lazy I've been so far this summer. I found this Ramen noodle recipe on - The Official Ramen Homepage. While my sister and brother-in-law may not agree with the title of this recipe, (my brother-in-law burnt down their kitchen cooking Ramen noodles) these were pretty good! In fact, they're all gone and I want some more!

Rad Ramens
Submitted By: Chef Will
Submitted From: Oregon


2 packs ramen
1 Tbsp. cold butter
1 1/2 Tbsp. soy sauce
2 Tsp. brown sugar
Optional: Sauteed garlic

This works with the following flavors: beef, oriental, shrimp and in a pinch, pork; although you may find that you need no seasoning at all. Boil your ramens until al dente, drain. Keep the pot, and return to heat. Add soy sauce, brown sugar, the packet, and a touch of water. This small amount will quickly begin to simmer. Remove from heat, swirl in cold butter. You will have a velvetty emulsion sauce if done right. The al dente noodles will still be hot in the colander/strainer. Add them back to the pot and toss. This is delicious. If you’ve more on hand, sauteed garlic works well (just before adding soy sauce), or slightly browned onions or shallots. If you prefer your ramen soupy, prepare sauce in different pan and add to finished soup. I’ve cooked this for many friends, and all love it.