Monday, December 17, 2007

Ambitiousness and "Some Mint" Frosting

Being a teacher and a mom, I don't always get to do things exactly the way I would like to. For example, when Moo came home the other day and told her teacher that we would make gingerbread boys to go with their gingerbread houses, you should have seen my face! How on earth would I accomplish that? Oh yeah, the gingerbread mix... but it only makes 20 and what if I burn them and what if I make them too big and... When?!?!?!?

Here is the letter I sent to her teacher.

Dear Mrs. B,

When Moo told me, that she told you, that we would make gingerbread boys for the class, I thought, “Yikes!” That was a tad ambitious of her! (Plus the mix we have only makes 20.)
So, I did the less ambitious thing and sent J to IGA to buy some gingerbread boys. Not exactly homemade, but pretty good anyway. (And under 100 calories!)

Oh yes! One more thing. On the way home from church Wednesday night, Moo informed me that you would be putting the gingerbread houses together with “some mint” frosting. I just had to laugh!